Sunday, November 10, 2013

My French Macaroon Journey- For the VERY FIRST TIME!

So this is the very first time I am making french macaroon. I got the recipe from Sweet N Bake . It was very easy recipe. The only thing is my arm was hurting sifting the sugar and the almond flour… Maybe I need to air dry the almond flour first? I don't know, coz I saw some people said that they air dry their almond flour by letting it sit on the counter in a bowl over night. I will try that method later. For now this is what I have.
Anyways, So I tried the Sweet N Bake's recipe, followed all the instructions, and BAAMMM my French Macaroons got burned.. Now I am not saying something is wrong with their recipe and instructions but I don't know what went wrong. I just wish my husband didn't throw them right away so I could have taken photos of my first batch ALL BURNT! :(  Alright so I was heart broken I burnt the very first batch I made… I had a big deep breath and told my husband "OK I am going to make another batch and I will work on the time and temperature." My husband replied, "tonight???!!!" I said "yes, Tonight!" My husband just shook his head off… LOL Well I can't accept defeat on baking… When I want something I want it! Especially when they are so expensive and the only way for me to try them is if I make them my self… so to make the story short I adjusted the time to 7-10 mins and the temperature to 300 and WOOHOOOO!!!! I DID IT! 

So here y'all my very first (SECOND ATTEMPT) FRENCH MACAROON!

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