Sunday, November 24, 2013

In Search For The Best Macaron Recipe and Tips and Tricks….

OH MY GOSH! So I thought I saw a good macaron recipe and tips and tricks… There's this blogger that says this and that and so I did it, and I don't know why her macaron turned out soooo beautiful and mine looked like this….


Pretty huh! LOL well they end up in the trash except for the one's I ate coz I felt so frustrated…. NOT A GOOD IDEA! I know!!! Don't do it you'll end up eating half of them…. I did… They taste the same,  good, but texture wise and appearance are UGLY!  They are too soft, hollow insides, "tutu skirts" and even sticked on the parchment paper… 

But I never stopped there… So I went back to youtube and pinterest and google and find more tips and tricks….

The ones that really worked for me visually on youtube is this guy Les Macaron Partisien. I was just watching him how he mixed his macaron batter, you know that word they say, "macaronage". Well I actually didn't understand what he was saying as he is speaking french all I know is Ouie ouie! hahahaha
But anyways it really helped me a lot on achieving the right texture the "lava like" batter.
and for the recipe I have this website I always go to coz I love all her post and the pictures they are just really pretty anyways… Like I feel like I am in PARIS..(I've never been there FYI..Hopefully someday!) Anyways here's her site Not So Humble Pie and used her tricks as well...
Soooo here's he picture of what I made after watching that and following the tips and tricks…

Ooooh yeah! Nice! with feet!  No Skirt!

Yeah baby no skirts!!! just feet!

Crunchy outside Soft and Chewy inside! I LOVE ET! LOL
I know I had a bite! well I finished this one! and I kid you not, I need to workout again! Insanity Baby! That's how I need to roll!

Oh this one is ButterCream Filling and Lemon Curd yummmmm!

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