Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Getting there to my Macaron Journey….

So after making my first attempt of French Macaron, my husband and I took the kids to the zoo and they were surprised that I have some treats and they loved it. My daughter asked me if I would be making them more, so I said yes. My family is my taste testers! If they liked it then it's approved to be good and presentable. But anyways my First attempt was not really pretty they are a bit rough. So today I tried to make em. The first try (AGAIN) was flat and cracked, I knew something was wrong while I was piping the batter. It was too watery. So I made  another batch and thought if I should grind the Almond Flour again, so I did and boy it was fine! And I mean the shells are smooth looking I loved it! I made butter cream frosting with OREOS so yeah "FRENCH MACARON" went "AMERICANIZED" BABY! hahaha  It was too sweet so maybe it would be good with black tea or black coffee. Then I made some with Lemon Filling, And White Chocolate… I will try the BlueBerry and coffee later next week… 

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